Take selfies with your friends - under water.


SEAlfie (sea and selfie) is a concept where we took photographing under water. The idea was to enable a new way to create, share and store memories of a hot day at the beach without having to bring a mobile or without having to buy an underwater camera.

The typical SEAlfie user likes to spend time on the beach, swim, take part in water sports and being with friends. He or she uses social media such as Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis and likes to document and share photos from different experiences and events.

SEAlfie consists of two parts, the photo booth under the water and partly Beach application that may be on the beach (at a kiosk or similar) where you get to save and get the most out of your photos. The photo box consists of two parts, the actual framework that can keep itself in the photograph and the photo box (the mirror with camera and lights for countdown).


My Roles

Interaction design, physical prototyping, storyboarding, film.


Team members

Johanna Andersson, Deborah Lindberg, Hannes Törnqvist and me.