Air By Sweden

A car filter that purifies polluted air in the atmosphere.


Volvo wanted us to explore innovations that can deliver at the future intersection of mobility and luxury services, ideas that can help bring the company's expression "Human-centric innovation Made by Sweden" to life.

For the automotive industry to be progressive, it needs to gain a new perspective on their industry, where they prioritise the environment and help towards a positive development. But not only through producing cars that leave a smaller ecological footprint, but though cleaning up after themselves and others.

We asked ourselves: What is a basic human need? What can we absolutely not live without? And how can Volvo help to be the leading force in supporting this, while also adding value to Volvo's brand. Our solution: Air by Sweden.


Our concept is a specialised air filter that is built into the outer body of the vehicle. As you drive it pulls in the polluted air, filters it and releases purified air into the environment. Each time you drive your car, you are helping to make air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

The air filter will also be able to collect data that will provide information on what areas are most polluted, what pollutants are in the air, and how much pollutants has been cleaned and released into the e


My Roles

Concept development and film.


Team members

Ellinor Ekström, André Sebastié, Michelle Tucker, Satasha Wong and me.